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A Pioneer in the Real Estate Tech

 Since our establishment in October 2000, Property Data Bank, Inc. has been engaged in Internet-based application services businesses that keep on evolving. This is made possible by the support from our users and other associated companies, and we greatly value their patronage.

 Individual, corporate, and public real estate holdings in Japan are said to be worth 2,300 trillion yen. The Japanese real estate investment market is the second largest in the world (the largest in Asia) and approximately 10% of the world’s real estate investment market is concentrated on this small nation. Real estate is a leading industry in Japan for both quantity and quality, and most corporations take advantage of real estate in one form or another. A seismic revolution is occurring at the moment in Japanese real estate. Both publicly and privately, more effective utilization of real estate, further streamlining of management, and greater investment stability have been evolving. This includes the rise of real estate securitization since the year 2000, the evolution of the corporate real estate (CRE) strategy that is reviewed as the source of corporate competitiveness, and the venturing into the public real estate (PRE) strategy that is a significant turning point for mature society. Moreover, the leveraging of ICT in the real estate industry also falls under the “reform we have to have.” The revolution in the financial industry caused by ICT is known as “FinTech” and a vast number of new services are being launched. Similarly, a new wave is coming to the real estate industry. It is called “Real Estate Tech.”

 Since 2000, we have been providing management and operation support tools as cloud services based on industry needs and changes in ICT technologies to the real estate industry or corporations and public institutions that use real estate. Our service has grown as a cloud service that does not focus on one company but rather links affiliated companies and we believe that we are helping to streamline the entire industry. We will continue to move forward as a pioneer of “Real Estate Tech” and in addition to property owners, we will target various fields including building, property, and asset management, and CRE and PRE strategies. Moreover, we will also focus on the evolution of services like big data analysis and provision of support for IoT. One of our initiatives based on “Real Estate Tech” will be to push “Real Estate Tech 360” both internally and externally, and we will broaden our sphere of operations to include all sorts of assets.

 Going forward, we aspire to maintain our venture spirit and inquiring mind to seek technological innovation as well, and would like to promptly reflect our customers’ needs in our services. We will evolve our services beyond simple business areas such as data processing and management into the most sought-after service available in a knowledge society. Our company’s mission is to become a leader to create a new knowledge society by providing ever greater number of customers with our services.

Toshimasa Itaya
Property Data Bank, Inc.

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